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Body Mass Index – Neck Circumference

A simple, straight- forward measurement could be better at determining the body mass index. The BMI measures weight relative to height. But it doesn’t accurately calculate body fat. Doctors say it often deems athletes or muscular people to be obese, and underestimates body fat in older people. A study in the journal pediatrics suggests neck […]

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Tips for Obesity and Type II Diabetes

Obesity and type ii diabetes go hand-in-hand. Both are on the rise and epidemic. A change in lifestyle can make a change for the better. I over the years, sherry saw her weight gradually increase. I peaked at 258. College the pounds crept up, her health went up. High blood pressure sleep apnea and diabetes. […]

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Obesity and Pregnancy

Here’s an important reason why moms-to-be should watch their weight. A new study says the more obese a woman is when she becomes pregnant, the greater the chance she’ll have a baby with a congenital heart defect. Researchers with the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found, on average, obesity increases the risk […]

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