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Link Between Foods and Mood

The link between food and mood is so strong that what you eat for breakfast can determine whether you are in a happy or grumpy mood by the afternoon. Elizabeth has interesting information that may change the way we eat. I hope so. Welcome to the show. Good to have you here. What you eat […]

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Risks for Diabetics Suffering Depression

A word of caution for diabetics who suffer from depression. A new University of Washington study shows the chances of complications for those with severe diabetes is higher for depressed patients. Doctors followed more than 3700 diabetics for five years. Those with depression had a 36%higher risk of complications like kidney failure, blindness, heart attack […]

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Color and Depression

Transcript: What color do you see, when you are feeling blue? A new study shows life looks gray, to people who are down in the dumps. Researchers developed a color chart and asked a group of anxious and depressed people what color represented their mood. Most, chose gray. So, what color did a group of […]

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Situational Depression – Seasonal Affective Disorder

Transcript: Prolonged periods with cold temperatures force most people indoors, looking for ways to pass the time. And health experts say that’s not good for our sanity. Doctors say being forced to stay inside makes some depressed. They tend to be less active, and that tends to create more of that cabin fever or as […]

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Neurofeedback Therapy for ADHD

Transcript: It’s a technique which presents the user with real-time feedback on brainwave activity. It’s also a treatment that has brought hope to many people with adhd, autism, and depression. There are no medications involved, and the treatment is painless. Dr. Barry Gardner is here to explain

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Fighting Depression by Getting Outside

Transcript: It’s warming up here in the valley, but even if it’s not bitter cold outside, many senior citizens may find themselves limiting their time outdoors in the winter health experts say that can cause some serious problems. Doctors say staying indoors for extended periods of time can lead to a form of┬ádepression, “people think […]

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