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Crohn’s Disease On The Rise

It is estimated that 500,000 Americans suffer from Crohn’s disease. It’s a chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Take a look. When 18-year-old Emily Miller was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease four years ago, her first reaction was denial. It’s scary to know that it’s permanent. I think that’s the hardest thing. It’s like you get […]

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Crohn’s Disease and Aspirin

Taking a regular dose of aspirin could put you at a slightly-increased risk to develop Crohn’s Disease. Researchers followed the health of 200 thousand adults over time and a small group developed Crohn’s Disease. When they looked at their aspirin use they found those taking it regularly for a year or more were about five […]

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Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Ask the doctor segment discussing all about digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis and crohn’s disease.

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Prebiotic Treatment for Crohn’s Disease

You may have heard of Crohn’s Disease, but you might not no what it is, it’s hard to live with, and there aren’t many options for managing it. A new study is looking at a food supplement that may help. Nancy used to take twelve pills a day to manage her Crohn’s Disease, it’s a […]

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