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Coffee Reduces Diabetes Risk

Expert say have another cup of joe, it might just be the fix some patients need. Everyone loves a cup of coffee to start of the day or to make it through the day. I like the buzz for sure. I like the flavor as well. It keeps me awake which is what I need […]

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Foods for Heart Health

Transcript: Staying heart healthy takes a life-time of hard work, and your diet can make or break your effort. Fox’s doctor jetted grievance takes a look at the best foods that can help heal your heart. Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the U.S. preventing it is all […]

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Healthy Eating – Mediterranean Diet

Transcript: While it may feel like it’s impossible to change your family’s bad eating habits consumer reports says making small changes can often kick-start healthier eating. In fact, it recommends several easy ways to help you pack more nutrition into your meals. Karim Fugel makes sure her home is stocked with nutritious choices and she […]

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