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Sleep Apnea In Kids

Getting a good nights sleep helps you function better the next day. But for kids with restless sleep there could be more significant health issues. Diagnosing and treating sleep problems in kids is tonight’s about your health. Kids snoring issues if your child has disruptive sleep patterns meaning they toss and turn or wake up […]

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Neurofeedback Therapy for ADHD

Transcript: It’s a technique which presents the user with real-time feedback on brainwave activity. It’s also a treatment that has brought hope to many people with adhd, autism, and depression. There are no medications involved, and the treatment is painless. Dr. Barry Gardner is here to explain

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Sleep Apnea in Kids

Transcript: According to a survey by the national sleep foundation, 90 percent of parents think their child is getting enough sleep, but 60- percent of high schoolers report extreme daytime sleepiness. More than 25-percent admit to falling asleep in class at least once a week. As Casey Taylor reports, some hidden problems may be keeping […]

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