LAP Band Surgery for Weight Loss

Transcript: It is the latest weight loss technology. A few doctors are offering an obese obesity cure that promises less pain and faster recovery. A charlotte couple thrilled with the results. There are risks. There is little evidence of its long-term success. We go inside the operating room at CMC Mercy to see the future of fighting obesity. We see the instruments used to perform the weight loss surgery, three tools sent through a single incision. One cut in the abdomen instead of five. This is a single incision we’ll be working through. This is one of a growing number of doctors performing single incision laparoscopic adjustable gastric banded surgery. The surgeon and his team, with their hands outside the patient’s body this is the stomach. Working with a tiny camera and other instruments inside, manipulating body parts while watching onscreen. Fresh greens, baby spinach. I was almost 400 pounds. I was obsessed with eating foods. It’s a surgery that’s working for these two. It’s given us our life back. They’ve learned to eat a whole new way. Their stomachs are now just tiny little pouches. You have this constricting band that’s right here on your belly that makes a new pouch. He tried every diet on the planet and failed. Rebecca ate few vegetables. I taste it now. And hated exercise. All of our close friends are so thin. It’s like we’re the only like fat couple. But the surgery has them thinking thin. No more piles of pasta or white rice. The fun thing are avocado, you can do it inside the shell. Did I know dinner is baked tilapia and a Greek salad. They believe the surgery is saving their lives. Fabian faced diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea that would choke him in the middle of the night. For both, the risks of obesity loomed more deadly than the potential risk of infection or worse from surgery. It is a harder procedure to perform. This doctor warns the single incision procedure is not less risky. But more patients who have tried everything else believe the benefits are worth it. This is tremendously rewarding for the patients and the surgeon. I’m glad we had the opportunity to have the surgery to change our lives. You know, all of his other health problems are gone. He doesn’t take any medication for the diabetes or anything. The surgery not for everyone. The cost is about $35,000. It’s only covered by insurance for the severely obese. Paul, I mentioned there’s little research to suggest long-term success. The research suggests you better get a good surgeon, the best, because the risk of complications, very high for repeat surgeries to fix any problems. I think they’re on the right track. They’re eating healthier. I’m going to their house for dinner. You’ve got to be a good eater to have a surgery like that. You can’t overextend yourself. They’re really smart about that and trying to encourage other people to eat better now

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