Foods That Interfere With Medications

What do licorice, grapefruit and chocolate have in common? All three can interfere with certain medications. Food can delay, enhance or increase absorption of a drug in someone’s system. An example of that, grapefruit and grapefruit juice. While rich in nutrients, it can be dangerous when combined with some medications that treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety and insomnia. Grapefruit seems to boost the level of medicine absorbed into the body making it more common to suffer from side-effects. You may also want to be careful with licorice. All licorice, black, red all licorice is the same in this instance. When eaten in large amounts throughout the day, it can interact with blood pressure medicines called diuretics and reduce their effectiveness. Some forms of licorice can make the heart failure drug, lanoxin, toxic. And if you’re taking birth control pills, you’ll have fluid retention and increased blood pressure or hypertension. And if you have chocolate left over from Valentine‚Äôs Day, eat it in moderation. The caffeine in the chocolate can increase the effects of stimulant drugs such as Ritalin and decrease the effectiveness of some insomnia medications.

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