Zerona Laser for Weight Loss

Transcript: A new laser treatment that claims to melt fat and help you lose three to seven inches from your body without surgery, pain or recovery time. It looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie set, but it’s not. It’s the latest in weight reduction technology called Zerona. Using a low level laser this machine can shed, on average, three to seven inches of fat off your body. Michelle Baker tried it with some amazing results, she lost 11 inches! Michelle Baker, patient: “I just contoured everything. I lost 3 inches in my waist, two in my hips and inch and a quarter in that fatty spot on my inner thighs. I lost that little spot above my knee. Dr. Paul taxation just brought Zerona to his practice and says he liked the idea that he could help his patients who seem to have hit a dead end, reach their weight loss goals with out going under the knife. Dr. Thaxton, MD: “there’s no pain, no needles no down time and no surgery. So people can come in have their treatment, go back to work exercise whatever they want. Liz hill: “Dr. Thaxton says you need 6 treatments in 2 weeks and the results will last as long as you don’t gain weight. It takes about 40 minutes per treatment. Twenty minutes on your front and twenty minutes on your back. As for where the fat goes, the laser works its magic. Dr. Thaxton: it creates a small pore in the membrane of the fat cell allowing it to move into the interstitial space, picked up by the lumphatics into the liver and then passed out into the waste matter, after just five treatments Michelle’s body fat went down three percent. She’s always been into health and fitness but says zerona finally gave the results she always wanted. Michelle: “when you start losing weight and inches form this treatment it just made me want to make sure I didn’t miss my gym time.  Zerona costs between 25-hundred and 3-thousand dollars, that’s for 6 treatments over a two week period.

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