Hysterectomy Alternatives for Fibroids

Transcript: Each year, more than 200-thousand women undergo hysterectomies because of one thing, fibroids. They’re common and often go unnoticed. But tonight, our morning anchor found less invasive options for you, that your doctor may have never mentioned. We found viable procedures that a lot of doctors have heard about, but few have started performing yet. And any one of these could save you from drastic measures like having a hysterectomy. Here at our lady of Fatima parish, a bond is being woven. Avid quilters come together in friendship. And it wasn’t too long ago that Margie Wahnon, a mother of 3, needed all of their support. I can actually call my friends anytime anywhere and they’ll be there for me she suffered bouts of fatigue, endured heavy periods, before long her symptoms affected most aspects of her life. Then she was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and the two options she was presented with, to take care of the problems she was having, a hysterectomy which would be a total and then chemically educed menopause they weren’t at all what she wanted to try. So she took matters into her own hands, searched the internet and found out about something called a ufe, uterine fibroid embolization. My gynecologist said he did not know an interventional radiologist at the time who would do that so I went and found my own she located doctor timothy tytle. What were looking for is enlarged vessels in the uterine arteries here and here doctor tytle says ufes are one of the latest, viable, non-surgical options for many women with fibroids that will have them back on their feet fast. the vast majority of women want something as noninvasive as possible that will be effective and this is something we have to offer them your wide awake as a thin tube is threaded through an artery at the top of your leg, it goes into the blood vessel supplying the fibroid, blocks it off, your sent home the next morning and in less than 6 months doctors say the fibroids shrink and your symptoms will likely disappear. But it’s not the only little known option we found. we removed a ten centimeter size fibroid from her uterus Dr. Schambor is referring to his robotic work performing myomectomies that not only saves your uterus, but with three incisions, it solves infertility problems if you still want to have a child. With the new type of technology we have with our robot the davinci were able to do them laproscopically and those patients can go home even the same day 12 months after her myomectomy by doctor schambor, I am 36 weeks so its getting very close heather mayfield is beaming with joy. It is a miracle and a gift from god and we are just so grateful for the blessing and privilege of becoming parents she said she was skeptical about having a robotic procedure done, but having a hysterectomy was out. It gives you a sense of power to be able to have that choice now instead of focusing on her health problems, she’s preparing for her dream to come true. Just like Margie, heather searched out what worked for her. And doctors say for these two women and many more, having those options is invaluable. Fs-cam another new alternative to hysterectomies that’s on the horizon is radiofrequency ablation. Doctors heat the fibroid with a low frequency electrical current. It’s in clinical trials right now. And one of the patients you interviewed for this story is celebrating a major milestone today. That’s right. Heather Mayfield gave birth to little Emma last week. They’re both at home doing they’re both at home doing well now. We just wanted to say congratulations and thanks for helping us get the word out to other women about these options.

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