Link Between Foods and Mood

The link between food and mood is so strong that what you eat for breakfast can determine whether you are in a happy or grumpy mood by the afternoon. Elizabeth has interesting information that may change the way we eat. I hope so. Welcome to the show. Good to have you here. What you eat for breakfast, it affects your mood. If you are grumpy, what did you have for breakfast in the morning I have to follow my own advice. One, two, three breakfast, whole grain cereal, milk, blueberries on top. It if you had the donut, cup of coffee, you will be on the road to fatiguesville. Sugar, caffeine, anything filled with bad in the morning a cup of coffee is fine in the morning. If you are fueling your day with coffee and sugar, you are riding a blood sugar roller coaster that will lead you to fatigue. Are there different foods that could lead you to having fatigue earlier in the day there are super mood foods. You have to look at the whole diet. I call it the 75% solution. 75% of the time, three quarters of your plate should be real, unprocessed foods. Colorful fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts that gives you 25% wiggle room for the chip or french fry, but that diet and starting with breakfast, of course, that will lay the foundation for reducing the risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, fatigue, so forth. I see popcorn over there. What does that do? I think probably the strongest link between food and mood comes with carbohydrates and depression. When you are depressed, serotonin. When you are depressed, those levels tend to be low. Eating an all carb snack actually boost levels of the brain chemical serotonin which puts you in a better mood and curbs the cravings. All of this research shows that the omega 3 fat lower depression by 50% in people the hardest to treat, as well as the rest of us. 220 milligrams of dh a day. If you are not eating salmon, fish, look for you will see a stamp on the label that says dha on it, 220 milligrams a day.

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