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Qnexa for Weight Loss

There is a lot of talk about a new drug aimed at helping people lose weight. Qnexa was put up for review by a Food and Drug Administration panel this week, the panel says the new drug has risky side effects. But Qnexa has been one of the most effective weight loss drugs so far, […]

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Lorcaserin for Weight Loss

A new weight loss drug is showing promise. Recent research shows patients taking Lorcaserin lost about 5.8 percent of their body weight after one year. The drug interacts with a brain receptor involved in appetite control. An FDA panel will meet in September to decide whether to recommend the drug for approval.

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Body Mass Index – Neck Circumference

A simple, straight- forward measurement could be better at determining the body mass index. The BMI measures weight relative to height. But it doesn’t accurately calculate body fat. Doctors say it often deems athletes or muscular people to be obese, and underestimates body fat in older people. A study in the journal pediatrics suggests neck […]

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Calorie Restriction and Diets

For years, we’ve heard counting calories is the way to lose weight. But now, new research is saying, restricting them too much may make your diet even more difficult. A new University of California San Francisco study shows restricting calories increases the stress hormone cortisol. That can make it harder to keep weight off, which […]

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Obesity and Pregnancy

Here’s an important reason why moms-to-be should watch their weight. A new study says the more obese a woman is when she becomes pregnant, the greater the chance she’ll have a baby with a congenital heart defect. Researchers with the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found, on average, obesity increases the risk […]

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Fat Thighs May Be Healthy

Fat thighs may be healthy! Yes, fat thighs, healthy! Fat thighs may be healthy! You may be overweight but if you’re pear shaped, your fat may be protecting you from certain diseases! We’ve heard this before: fat around the hips, buttocks, and thighs is not as bad for you as fat around the middle of […]

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da Vinci Robot Bariatric Surgery

A medical breakthrough. A local hospital is making it safer and easier for overweight patients to go through surgery. Doctors are getting help with some new robotic assistants. Going under the knife for open bariatric surgery can be frightening and sometimes risky. But imagine a less invasive procedure with less complications, less pain and a […]

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Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss

On some health news this afternoon, junk food can be as addictive as cocaine or nicotine. When rats ate too much high-calorie food responses were triggered in their brains leading to this, more compulsive eating. Speaking of conclusion Gwinnett medical center has launching a new weight loss program. Nearly two million adults in this state […]

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LAP Band Surgery for Weight Loss

Transcript: It is the latest weight loss technology. A few doctors are offering an obese obesity cure that promises less pain and faster recovery. A charlotte couple thrilled with the results. There are risks. There is little evidence of its long-term success. We go inside the operating room at CMC Mercy to see the future […]

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Plant Based Diet

Plant Based Diet for loosing weight.

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