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Signs of Postpartum Depression

We are taking a look at the warning signs of postpartum depression and the depression and the work of a local foundation helping mothers postpartum depression affects 10 to 20% of women. The risk is higher in high-risk populations. Teens, lower socioeconomic and women whose infants end up in the nicu. 10 to 20% of […]

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Link Between Foods and Mood

The link between food and mood is so strong that what you eat for breakfast can determine whether you are in a happy or grumpy mood by the afternoon. Elizabeth has interesting information that may change the way we eat. I hope so. Welcome to the show. Good to have you here. What you eat […]

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Moms With Postpartum Depression

Many moms do not feel comfortable talking about depression. Depression can manifest during your pregnancy postpartum even months or years later. It is very common, but many moms feel that if they are depressed, then they must be doing something wrong. Experts say that is not the case at all. Depression is a common reality. […]

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Risks for Diabetics Suffering Depression

A word of caution for diabetics who suffer from depression. A new University of Washington study shows the chances of complications for those with severe diabetes is higher for depressed patients. Doctors followed more than 3700 diabetics for five years. Those with depression had a 36%higher risk of complications like kidney failure, blindness, heart attack […]

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Seasonal Depression Tips

January is typically a pretty gloomy and cold month in much of the country prime time for the winter blues, and more serious forms of seasonal depression. You don’t have to hibernate until spring to start feeling better. You probably did not get a good start this morning, that’s because a British psychologist has informally […]

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Teen Depression

A new study from San Diego state university finds that five times more teens suffer from depression and anxiety than teens who grew up during the great depression. Experts say the reasons are many, including school stress, intense competition, instability at home and the need for more. Why experts are calling it “generation me” in […]

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Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Postpartum depression is a painful condition marked by despair, guilt, anxiety and fears of hurting oneself or one’s baby. Advocates are determined to make sure no mother in Massachusetts has to face this condition alone. Having a baby can be a blissful, exciting time for a woman, but for those suffering from postpartum depression, it […]

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Color and Depression

Transcript: What color do you see, when you are feeling blue? A new study shows life looks gray, to people who are down in the dumps. Researchers developed a color chart and asked a group of anxious and depressed people what color represented their mood. Most, chose gray. So, what color did a group of […]

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Situational Depression – Seasonal Affective Disorder

Transcript: Prolonged periods with cold temperatures force most people indoors, looking for ways to pass the time. And health experts say that’s not good for our sanity. Doctors say being forced to stay inside makes some depressed. They tend to be less active, and that tends to create more of that cabin fever or as […]

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Neurofeedback Therapy for ADHD

Transcript: It’s a technique which presents the user with real-time feedback on brainwave activity. It’s also a treatment that has brought hope to many people with adhd, autism, and depression. There are no medications involved, and the treatment is painless. Dr. Barry Gardner is here to explain

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