Prostate Cancer Screening

You think you’re healthy, you feel fine, but you decide or maybe a loved one pushes you to get a check up, maybe a cancer screening. You don’t want to do it, but you do anyway. And, it turns out to be a decision that saves your life. It’s not a made up story, it happens all the time. Free cancer screenings might save your life too. Jimmy love is back at Urologoy Centers of Alabama today. He’s talking with two doctors, not just any two doctors, the guys that saved Jimmy Loves life. Jimmy Love is a truck driver and one day he was listening on the radio to Dr. Tom Moody who was a guest on Roscoe Miller’s radio show. They were talking about free cancer screening to be held in Butler County. I decided I’d go over there and get screened cause I’d never been screened before, I wasn’t sick or nothing but I just felt like they were doing it free and I was the age to get this done. Jimmy Love indeed is the right age to get regular prostate cancer screening, and living in the black belt of Alabama, he’s in an area where many men are underdiagnosed and often don’t receive proper treatment. Dr. Tom Moody heads up free screenings all around the state. Sound Bite: Dr. Tom Moody / Urology Centers of Alabama “the african americans in the black belt of our state, the death rate from prostate cancer is second only the african americans in Washington DC and our death rate in Alabama is the third highest in the nation for prostate cancer and we think that’s directly related to failure to diagnosis early. After Jimmy Loves initial screening he got a call from Urology Centers of Alabama saying they needed to see him in person for a follow up exam. His daughter made sure he came. My daughter, she’s concerned about me, anything that happens she’s dead on it. There was no way you were gonna say no, when she found out there was no way to say no. Jimmy Love needed surgery, Dr. Thomas Holley did the surgery, it had to be done. Sound bite: Dr. Thomas Holley / Urology Centers of Alabama “and, with time prostate cancer proves fatal and a young healthy man like Mr. Love I think ultimately it would have proved fatal. Now most men would rather take a beating that think about or get a prostate exam, that is until you’re doctor looks you right in the eye and says, “if we catch prostate cancer early, we’ll save your life and if we don’t we probably won’t, that changes your outlook. Urology Centers of Alabama is a large, successful practice. They’re the first in the southeast to do robotic surgery having done close to 4,000 cases for prostate cancer. With that privilege of having that kind of practice, we think there’s a responsibility to go just a little beyond just treating patients that come to us. I would give the advice to do what I did, go get screened cause nothing was wrong with me, I’m drivin a truck, I’m listening at the radio you know and never been screened before. Just because I’m here in Birmingham I don’t feel like I should just help people here, I mean we all went into this to help men, ultimately we’re all advocates for men’s health and that’s what we’re here to do and I’m just glad we’re able to do this for patients like Mr. Love