Cryoablation Breast Cancer Treatment

In this morning’s health alert, a breakthrough procedure for removing breast cancer. If a tumor is caught early enough it may be removed by freezing it. The treatment is in the clinical trial stage in Texas. Cancer plays to win and we’re all marching to the drummer. Patricia Cochran is grateful for her life, but admits losing her breast is a hard pill to swallow. “it was a very difficult when I first looked at it after the mastectomy. I almost fainted. The idea of a future without lumpectomies and mastectomies was in Cochran’s mind when she agreed to play guinea pig. “something that my daughter told me not to tell you. I’ve been an arm chair doctor for 45 years, so to me it fit so well. What fit is an MD Anderson investigation into a cutting edge idea. Injecting a probe inside the center of a breast tumor and basically dropping the temperature. Liquid nitrogen flows through the tubing, and that’s how we cool the probe until it’s a very cold temperature, and that’s what freezes the tumor inside the breast. Dr. Rosa Hwang says cryoablation has been used in other cancers, but it’s a first here. I think it’s a novel technique to treat breast cancer. Novel, and little bit sci-fi to watch. “right now we’re only going to be able to treat patients with small breast cancers. We have to make sure on an MRI that it is the only tumor in the breast. So, we are very picky about which patients are going to be eligible for this protocol. “You know they asked me they said they thought it would be cold. Cochran says she was too numb to notice. What did come through loud and clear “it just didn’t hurt. Killing the tumor is one thing. But what doctors are really excited about here is something they saw in the animal testing. “it suggest that the cryoablation system itself may be stimulating the immune system which may help fight cancer cells and reduce the chance of cancer coming back in future and reducing chance cancer spread somewhere else. “if you ask me what do i think about it? I’d say it’s close to a miracle.

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