Impact of Footwear on Arthritis

Arthritis affects 46 million people. More than five times the population of New York City. Doctors say you may be able to ease the pain of arthritis by switching your shoes. Doctors at Rush University Medical Center study footwear’s impact on arthritis. Sensors and 3-d software measure the force different shoes put on your knees. If you think that supportive shoes are good for your feet. The study found the opposite. Supportive shoes and clogs put 15% more force on the knees. And more force equals more joint problems. While the very lightweight shoes, including the flip-flops are easier on the joints. The rheumatologist won’t prescribe flip-flops for everyone, but says wearing a flat flexible shoe can ease the strain on arthritic knees and hips. Doctors at Rush University are developing a sneaker specifically for arthritis patients. The shoe has special grooves in the sole that allow it to bend where the foot naturally bends and their goal is to help prevent hip and knee replacements in the future.

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